residency conditions

Duration of residencies and cost
between 1 week and 3 months.
Fees: 5 000 DKr weekly, cheaper at longer stays: 2 weeks 8 000 DKr,
3 weeks 12 000 DKr, 4 weeks 15 000 DKr.

Number of artists resident at one time
1 or a couple. House is possible for 2 persons to live in. Not very suitable for younger children.

Formalities and contract
Artist/visitor will sign a contract with a representant from Aajuna Association where conditions are written:
rental cost, responsibilities for the visitor etc.

Expenses paid by artist
Supplies and food

Application who and how
Applications made 3 times per year, February 1st, May 1st, September 1st.
Selection procedure: By Committee
(Aajuna Studio Space is a privately owned house.
The association Aajuna is the instance which is responsible for the residency activity,
the overall policy and reviewing applications for residency.)

VERY WELCOME with your application! Application form (click for pdf)

Send your application to (save the document in your name, please)

Working language(s): English, Scandinavian languages, Greenlandish.

The guest studio is located in the village Qaqortoq in South Greenland, see google map of Qaqortoq

Around the village you can see sculptures and reliefes in stone from the nordic artproject
“Sten och Människa” (Stone and Human) .

Population 3500 individuals.
Current money Danish kroner
Time zone  is Greenwich Mean Time -3.

Travelling in Greenland
To travel in Greenland can be a bit complicated. Within the villages there are cars and a bus and in summertime some take their bikes. Most people walk. Because of the landscape you cannot travel by car or by train between villages, you have to travel by boat or helicopter to go to the nearest town or airport. In longer distances there are domestic flights. Flight to and from Greenland, from Denmark and Iceland, schedules only 2-3 times pr week, depending on summer /winter season . Depending on weather conditions flights may be cancelled within short notice. Check the for flights and prices.

For shorter trips in the closer surroundings there are possibilities to go by helicopter or to go by boat. Helicopter is of course more expensive. Boats with driver can be rented, often there is a fixed price and sometimes price is negotiable. You can for example get to the ice-cap with the boating company Blue-Ice. You can find information through Tourist Information in Qaqortoq:

Check weather on or


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